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 Welcome to Freilance Border Terriers

Phil and Sharon Freilich

Photo: Kelsy with Danielle Green

Freilance Border Terriers was casually born in 1989 with Phil and Sharon's first border terrier, a little puppy named Kelsy. The desire to learn more about their new dog had them join the Border Terrier Club of The Redwoods, and they were soon drawn into the world of showing Kelsy in AKC conformation and obedience events.

Ch Bella Skibo Kelsy CDX JE finished her championship in style by going Best of Breed over the (then) number one border in the country, providing the first taste of the great wins to come at Freilance. Kelsy also started Sharon in obedience competition and her sparkling performances became a standard for the future.

It was the arrivial of a puppy in 1990 named Tailor that turned the new hobby into a passion that changed Phil and Sharon's lives forever. Because of Tailor their world was turned upside down, and now their world revolves around the dogs!

Twelve years later Tailor is still the king of the household, ruling over several generations of his progeny, girls imported from Great Britain, Sharon's Border Collie agility dogs, and most of all his humans!

Today Phil is involved in showing and working events for Border terriers. He is past president and current officer of the Border Terrier Club of the Redwoods, a Member of the Board of Directors of The Border Terrier Club of America. Phil is now approved to Judge Border Terriers and Earthdog Trials at AKC Events.

Sharon has concentrated on performance events, first in competition obedience and now in the fast growing sport of Dog Agility.

Best of Breed
Border Terrier Club of America
Sept. 16-17, 1994

Last Updated May 28, 2009

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